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Our services are completely dependent on the customer. In order to bring you exactly what it is you are looking for with your project, nothing other than the required building codes holds you back from creating a custom look and feel built to fit your needs. From design to clean up, H Squared Construction, Inc. takes pride in doing it your way, the right way, no matter what your needs. There are no exceptions in quality craftsmanship, and our “speed kills” mentality assures you the homeowner that every phase of the job is completed properly and safely. Honesty and pride in our work is the backbone to H Squared Construction, Inc.

A well thought out plan ahead of time will only make sure you get the quality and specifics you are looking for. Not being sure is ok, few usually are. We ask as many questions as possible, to make sure we know exactly what the customer is looking to accomplish. This avoids wasting time and materials, which ends up costing the homeowner more money. Get organized with us before you get your estimate.

If you’re still not sure, and would like to work with a designer outside of our free consultations, please do. We always enjoy trying something unique and original.